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            Welcome to visit the official website of Taizhou Leli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.!
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            Address: No. 39, Lane 1059, Samsung Avenue, Chengdong Street, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province



            R & D

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            R&D center flow chart:

            1. Communicate with customers and deeply understand customer needs - 2. Project feasibility analysis - 3. Product requirements confirmation - 4. Sign contract - 5. Establish project team - 6. Software, hardware and structural design ——7, program review——8, design output, sample and verification——9, FOT (first sample) prototype test, customer function verification test——10, EB project trial production, product certification——11, MB process test Production - 12, PPAP small batch production - 13, MP mass production - 14, product maintenance - 15, product waste